2022 Rosé Caché 12-Bottle Bundle

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We, like much of the world, have always had a love affair with the fun side of Rosé.

Our earliest rosés were tinted by a somewhat liberal presence of Syrah’s deep color to the final blends. Whether they were chillable reds or rosé is still a source of some debate.

When we decided to set our sights on a classic, Rhône-styled Rosé, we looked around the table at each other in silent agreement as to what needed to take place: the wine needed to stay hidden.

Deep in the cellar, it went, away from any temptation to add Syrah’s dark influence...(we can’t say whether anyone was singled out)... But what emerged the following Spring was Rosé Caché, the “Hidden Rosé”, each year we experimented with different grape dominance.

2022 Rosé Caché 12-Bottle Bundle