Our Purpose

Since our first vintage in 1997 we have a guiding philosophy; there is no substitute for quality. Each vintage is fueled with endless possibilities. It begins in the vineyards and ends in the cellar and we know our best wines are ahead of us.

Vineyard photo, late afternoon lighting from above

Our Story

We raise our glasses to all of you and say; alla famiglia – to our family!

The true balance of winemaking is achieved when science and art collide creating a bottle of wine well worth drinking.

Bob Betz
A photo of the greater Betz Family around a large makeshift table outside the Winery in Redmond eating and drinking wine.

Our Community

Our greater Betz Family includes our growers, you our members, friends, neighbors, volunteers and our team. Wine connects and builds a stronger community.

Giving Back

We embrace the fact that wine has the ability to be so much more than a beverage. It has the ability to really make a positive difference in people's lives and we are stewards of this gift.

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As a small winery we are humbled to have raised well over a $1 million in the past 10 years to help our community in need. Your support has made this possible. Thank you!

Meet Our Family of Wines