2009 Père de Famille

Cabernet Sauvignon

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This vintage of Père de Famille is consistent with the past several years, heavy on Cabernet character, with Petit Verdot playing a key supporting role and a bit of Merlot adding fleshiness.

There’s a notable development, however: an increase in the Cabernet Sauvignon from the 1973 block at Red Willow Vineyard. I love wines from older vines: there’s typically an added dimension from deeper roots, thick trunks, and shy bearing buds. Among the oldest plantings in the state, this vineyard’s contribution brought additional richness and complexity to the blend, without added astringency.

The 2009 is full-blown, with a powerful aroma of black currants, plum, and blackberry. Completing the aroma are scents of violet, smoke, rock, and vanilla bean. Classic Cabernet structure is reflected in its firm grip of tannin, but there’s enough fruit density to make it lush and pliant. This is another vintage where it’s easy to use the word “complete” to describe the overall character of this Cabernet.

Wine Specifications

  • Vintage: 2009
  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Appellation: Columbia Valley
  • Alcohol: 14.0%
  • Region: Washington
2009 Père de Famille