Friends and Family Gallery Night

Everyone has an


buried within...

Come and hear the truly inspiring stories from each of these  local artists that motivates them to create masterful wonders!
Featuring works from Lisa Mize, Maureen Mitchell, Marianne McCoy, Jorge Cainas and Henry Ochoa
Enjoy a splash of our wines and a small bite as you reflect on the style, composition, and technique that each work reveals. Meet the artists and learn about their perspectives.  Bring-a-friend event!

Saturday, April 29, 5 pm - 7:30 pm



Betz Family Winery 

13244 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE, Redmond, WA 98052

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About the Artists

Lisa Mize-  Lisa has a burning passion for photography and living a purposeful life. She loves sharing what she sees, feels, and experiences to bring the World to people who cannot see it themselves and then to inspire others to seek out their own beautiful places and adventures. After her son’s suicide, she is determined and driven to share and remind everyone that there IS still beauty and good in this world!


Maureen Mitchell- As a young child in the Midwest it was truly a magical moment one summer day when the 17-year locust, or Magicicada, arrived. A world of wonder, mystery and magic was contained in the sight and sound of the thousands of fantastic little creatures flying about and singing their hearts out. When they disappeared several weeks later, I pulled out my crayons, chalk and paints to recreate the magic I experienced and began a lifelong fascination with nature, plants, animals, insects and a love of drawing, painting and creating.

"My inspiration derives from time outdoors, on nature walks observing, collecting, taking photos, making sketches and notes. Then back in my studio I consider and combine those elements and begin the process of creating layers of painted papers, monoprints, ink, watercolor, and colored pencil work, collaging them together and adding many layers of acrylic glazes. The end result is a richly textured, highly colored and deeply dimensional work that conveys my love of the natural world. My hope is that my work inspires others to reconnect to earth and nature as well; to listen, respect and take greater care of our precious planet, so that in doing so we take care of ourselves, our future generations and fellow creatures."



Marianne McCoy-  has taught natural and studio lighting, alternative processes and plastic camera proficiency at the Photographic Center NW. Marianne is known for her compelling darkroom Lith prints coupled with her vision of beauty and timeless definition. Marianne has been published extensively and has exhibited around the world. Her education includes Cornish Collage Of The Arts, University of Washington and The Photographic Center NW in Seattle WA.


Jorge Cainas- was born in 1993, in Tampa, Florida. His father, Jorge, was an immigrant from Cuba that started his own business before passing in 2004. His mother, Jennifer, raised him and his two sisters while working multiple jobs. Eventually she became a professor with a doctorate degree. The work ethic of his mother and father, the fragility of life, and the preciousness of time are all major driving forces in his creative output.

His father’s business was blue-collar. He used tools and materials of construction, electrical work, and satellite technology. When he passed, the tools of their home workshop were unused. When Jorge Cainas became interested in sculpture he turned to these tools. His fascination with the natural world along with the available tools led him to create floral arrangements using copper wire and minerals. This new sculptural style became his main way to express himself.

 "After using all of these different techniques and design choices the end result is a sculpture that is usually sparkling, intricate, and abstract. It isn’t until the viewer reads the title and material list that they start to discover more of the meanings, or the “Untold Story”.

Materials from exploded stars, dinosaur bones, Woolly Mammoth fur, and bullets from the American Civil War can all be found in mixed media sculptures created by Jorge Cainas. He combines unusual and rare materials with common ones like spices, dried flowers, yarn, and paper clips. Artist Jorge Cainas binds them together using materials like concrete, resin, electrical wire, and refrigeration tubing.

Henry Ochoa- is an abstract sculpture artist who derives inspiration from dance, painting, nature, and music. 

Saturday, April 29, 5 pm - 7:30 pm



Betz Family Winery 

13244 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Questions? Call 425-861-9823 or email us

At Betz Family of Wines, we believe life should be lived with purpose.

We've created our wine, 'The Untold Story' to challenge you to be bold in the face of adversity and follow your dreams, despite the odds. Sharing our stories emboldens us to be all that we can be, and helps others to do the same.


Since the initial release during the pandemic, proceeds from sales of The Untold Story have been used for the greater good, supporting local charities. 
It has also served as a call to action: be bold and courageous in pursuing your dreams, especially when it’s risky.
Push the envelope and never give up.
Choose camaraderie and community in the face of adversity.
No one else sees the world like you, so no one else can tell your story.
It’s time to hear you roar.