Winery Tour & Tasting Experiences

Join us for a tour of our winery, followed by a seated tasting of current wines as you discover our winemaking practices and philosophy.

About this experience

This educational experience will elevate your wine expertise and guide you on the fundamentals of tasting like a pro. Join a Betz Family Winery team member, as we explore the basics of wine tasting. Learn about the dimensions of wine, what fragrances surface when you swirl, and the unique tastes, that emerge when you sip. If we get fancy, we will learn to spit like the masters! This tasting experience will be held in the private residence, at the dining room table so there is plenty of room to swirl!

There will be wines from different vineyards, made from the same grape varietals, to compare and contrast. We will also discuss the benefits of opening a wine before an event, allowing them to breathe. At the conclusion, wine tasting will no longer be a guessing game. Who knows, maybe there will be a future Sommelier at the table.

Group Size: as we do not have a tasting room and are opening the wines, especially for you, we require a minimum of 4 Guests at a flat rate of $200 for tasting groups less the 2 Guests.