"Form and Beauty"

 Presented by

Betz Family Winery


Woodinville Art Alliance

An evening of wine and works by local artists

November 17th or 18th

Special viewing hours for members - 4 pm -6 pm,

additional hours 6 pm - 8 pm

Betz Family Winery and Woodinville Art Alliance are pleased to present works by local jewelry and sculpture artists. Guests will enjoy passed apps and a special tasting of our wines while visiting with the artisans and discussing their craft. Find that special piece that is perfect for gift-giving or that begs you to take it home! Come and show your support for our local artists. 


Here's a little about each of the participants:


Pat Barton  "combining rough stone and polished stone complements and balances a sculpture." 
Pat Barton

Jorge Cainas   "minerals,... meteorites, fossils, antiques, everyday objects, and even edible ingredients.... Where I place these materials... is meant to express the concepts, play with light, utilize color, and draw connections between the materials." 

Jorge Cainas


Jamie & Christy Dillon, Twin Clay Studio -Ceramicists, Artists, Twins. "Each piece is an individual expression of our collaboration." 


Ed Thayer Speaking of a series of carvings he created, he says he is "seeking to communicate how hidden structure can support great strength during difficult times. And how the boundaries of this hidden strength hint at what lies within." 


Ed Thayer

Sally Prangley "I am always on the hunt for small things–  the jetsam and flotsam of life– that are easily recognizable, quirky and strange, and will thrive in a new context." 

Sally Prangley


Iris Guy Sopher "After graduating.... I was relocated from Israel to Japan... and finally to the United States... I designed jewelry for my friends and family..... popularity grew... and now found at the Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Art Museum, Kobo Gallery... In Israel... Eretz Israel art museum store, Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Israel art museum, as well as many fine boutiques..." 

Iris Guy Sofer

Birgit Kaler "I kind of wonder why it took me so long to realize I am a really a jeweler and not a programmer. It seems rather obvious that my tool of choice is a torch, not a keyboard."

Birgit Kaler

Peggy Foy "loves making objects that look like artifacts or talismans with some secret, hidden meaning, or that include working mechanisms."

Peggy Foy

Laura Hingley "I breathe creativity into every piece I shape so that you get something that sets you free to be truly you. I want my jewelry to be your new style, the missing piece that brings your sense of self to life." 

Laura Hingley

Amy Bush, LoyalSmith - "Each package I ship is sent with a handwritten note. My full life experience is behind every Loyalsmith design.  I'm honored to see people wearing and gifting my work."

  James Wilkins (Mountain Minerals) "I traverse the mountains and deserts collecting earth's treasures and craft into unique wearable art."

Carl Nelson - "I enjoy creating art that portrays the warmth and goodness of being with others."


We look forward to welcoming you!


Show location: Betz Family Winery

13244 Woodinville-Redmond Road NE

Redmond, WA 98052