2021 The Untold Story (12-Pack) Bundle

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Betz Family of Wines crafts The Untold Story from some of the most famous vineyards in Washington, showcasing the world-class character of the state’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Since its initial release supporting local charities during the pandemic, it’s been a call to action: be bold and courageous in pursuing your dreams, especially when it’s risky. Push the envelope and never give up.  Choose camaraderie and community in the face of adversity. No one else sees the world like you, so no one else can tell your story. It’s time to hear you roar.

Everyone has an "Untold Story" buried inside and waiting to be lived. 

The Untold Story Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine with a purpose to inspire and encourage us. It challenges us to be bold in the face of adversity and follow our dreams, despite our circumstances. It’s about making a difference and helping others do the same!  LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

2021 The Untold Story (12-Pack) Bundle